Canada’s Only National Registry of Deceased Canadians

A vital component of the nation’s record-keeping system.

Welcome to The Canadian Deceased Registry, publishers of Canada’s only privacy-compliant registry of deceased Canadians. As a vital component of the nation’s record-keeping system, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate information regarding deceased Canadians. 


Data Licensing

Research, Analytics, and Insight Discovery

The Canadian Deceased Registry is Canada’s only comprehensive and privacy-compliant record of deceased individuals. It’s supported by nearly a decade of historical data. You can license the database for research and analysis purposes or to update your internal records, ensuring you make well-informed decisions. 

Deceased Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring for Timely Reaction

Use the Deceased Monitoring service to proactively monitor individuals on your database or list and promptly alert you should a deceased event occur. 

List Cleaning

Ensure Accurate, Respectful Communications

Use the List Cleaning service to identify individuals who are likely to have passed away on your list or database so that you can communicate more efficiently and respectfully. 

“The Canadian Deceased Registry is updated daily to provide an accurate record of deceased individuals across Canada. Over 20,000 entries are added each month, resulting in coverage of over 95% of deceased events.” 

– Jeffrey Bisset, Executive Director

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We are committed to upholding and maintaining The Canadian Deceased Registry as the most trustworthy source of deceased information in Canada. Contact us to learn more about our data licensing, database monitoring, and list cleaning services.